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Tomato paste La Paesana


Double tomato paste La Paesana (F.lli Paudice)

Anciently obtained from tomato sauce homemade, allowed to dry in the sun on large sheets of linen (the memorable "preserve" or "sauce" from our grandmothers), tomato paste is now obtained through refining modern techniques of pulp, in environments perfectly sanitized. From refined tomato juice, made from the heated tomato pulp and conduct to the pulper and refiner was born the extract in different concentrations.



Extremely versatile, the Double Tomato paste La Paesana (F.lli Paudice) can be used in cooking to give more taste to each recipe, even instead of salt. It is good for health because of its high content of lycopene, a powerful natural antioxidant which is rich tomato especially if cooked. Historically it is the basic ingredient of the traditional Neapolitan sauce named "ragù".

Tomato Paste