La Fiammante Production

Our 55.000 sqm plant is located in a small town called Buccino, near Salerno, in an industrial complex considered “clean” because it is far away from the pollution of major cities.

It’s now a state-of.the-art reality both for the activity which is constantly monitored which allows the achievement of high sanitary standards, and for the technologically advanced production that ensures product traceability from seed to trade through a computerized system that allows you to go back, even years later, the single package marketed by small and medium merchant.

It is a production of craftsmanship, while extended on an industrial scale. During periods of high production, especially in July / September, we get in factory  more than 1.100 tons per day of tomatoes coming for the most part from Puglia region which are immediately selected, processed and packed to retain their freshness and leave unchanged their organoleptic qualities as well as their fragrance. As for tomatoes, also processing of fresh basil, sourced exclusively Italian,  is done following a careful process of initial product verification to ensure the integrity of the flavor and tradition reported on the table. The secret of knowing how to keep canned fresh basil and tomato preserving their purity, represents the proof of the professionalism and know-how gained over the years.

Even the classic roasted peppers are prepared according to tradition and based on long experience. Peppers, in fact, are cooked in full compliance with Italian and European regulations as concerning as wood-fired ovens that, thanks to the refractory of high quality, keep a temperature high, stable and homogeneous in all parts of the oven, allowing its use for any type of cooking.


To meet the needs of small and medium trade, The Flaming has adopted a platform of 9000 square meters. From which, every day, leave dozens of trucks to supply. In this perspective,  we are able to deliver small orders, even only 10 cases in a very short time. In this regard, it is now consolidated the partnership with a company specialized in small, medium and large transports, which has been committed outsourcing delivery service.

Policy and efficiency do not change for deliveries made in Italy and abroad. In this case, a company that works exclusively for "La Fiammante" guarantees delivery within 6/7 days from order date.


The quality has always been a prerogative of "La Fiammante" that comes with working procedures already clearly marked in accordance with the standards laid down by the awarding authorities.  The standards of working processes follow a path that is followed closely at all stages for the choice of the tomato, the processing,  up to the finished product that comes on the table.

Quality is proved by the fact that we have always followed the principle of traceability through the use of a computerized system that allows to record the path starting from raw materials up to the dealer where the product is sold.  

Currently, La Fiammante owns National and International certifications.