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S. Marzano DOP Peeled Tomato

His Majesty the S. Marzano tomato

Genetic conservation of this ancient varieties of tomatoes, the recognition of a protected designation of origin (DOP) by the European Union and, above all, its protection and enhancement by the Consorzio S. Marzano guarantee and certify the quality of a product for connoisseurs, carefully selected from sowing.
S. Marzano Tomato Agro Sarnese-Nocerino DOP La Fiammante has a balanced sweet-sour taste, a bright red color and a firm flesh with few seeds, enhanced by the skilful transformation into peeled. Competence and responsibility of farmers and enable rapid processing of keeping intact the fragrance and the scent of a single tomato and ancient. S. Marzano DOP Peeled tomatoes La Fiammante are ideal for all recipes of Mediterranean cuisine and, of course, according to season tradition of the Pizza Napoletana DOP, queen of Made in Italy in the world.

S. Marzano DOP Peeled Tomato 400g S. Marzano DOP Peeled Tomato 2,500 Kg
2,500 Kg
Peeled Tomato S. Marzano DOP