Mashed Tomato - La Fiammante Premium

Mashed tomato La Fiammante Premium

A very special mashed tomato, particularly velvety for fine sauces. Dense and flavorsome with all the canned food La Fiammanre fragrance, cleverly prepared in a few hours to protect the high quality and the freshness of the italian tomatoes just collected. Excellent even uncooked, mashed tomato Premium is dedicated to all the recipes with a very fast cooking: let's try to cook it directly in the oven, like topping on the stuffed Cannelloni or on the crepes with ricotta, dressed only with an extra virgin olive oil and some little leaf of basil, for a very light and tasty cooking. Slightly diluted, is perfect even for preparing cocktails in a workmanlike manner, such as the famous Bloody Mary.

Mashed Tomato - La Fiammante Premium 680g
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Mashed Tomato Premium


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