Crushed tomato Pa' Pizza


Extra fine crushed tomato "Pa' Pizza"

The real pizza needs expert hands, ancient techniques and natural ingredients to ensure that unique taste, famous throughout the world. Above all, far from Italy or at home, it needs a tomato for fragrant pizza that retains all the flavor of freshly picked tomatoes. Pa' Pizza is a canned tomato that skillfully develops the experience of processing tomatoes in the ancient tradition of the Neapolitan pizza, which always will crush the peeled tomatoes, after being seeded and the fibrous part, to get the right consistency seasoning.



By the best South Italian tomatoes, carefully selected and processed rapidly, born extra fine crushed tomato Pa' Pizza, a consistent and tasty tomato pulp, ideal to ensure the necessary moisture and intense and fragrant scent. A tasty tomato pulp and immediately ready, ideal for homemade pizza, for the pizza pan or for pizza party, which will save you time and effort.

Crushed tomato Pa' Pizza 2,500 Kg Crushed tomato Pa' Pizza 4,500 Kg
2,500 Kg
4,500 Kg
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Chopped Tomato Pa' Pizza


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