Chopped tomato


Chopped Tomatoes La Fiammante

Tasty and consistent, diced tomato La Fiammante is prefect for each recipe that requires long cooking or baked. Italian fresh tomatoes fully ripe are already carefully selected in field during mechanical harvesting, and then transferred in less than two hours in the company. Expertly processed into cubes, rapidly put into preserves with fresh tomato juice, keep intact all the fragrant Mediterranean flavor.



Naturally sweet, firm and tasty, is a unique tomato pulp, suitable for every dish: in traditional Italian recipes as in most modern preparations. Try it out in "Melanzane a funghetto" - "aubergine sautéed with garlic and parsley" or "meat with tomato" the most authentic tradition of Campania, with vegetables in a pan or in rich stews and soups.

Chopped tomato 400g Chopped tomato 2,500 Kg Chopped tomato tris 3x400g
2,500 Kg
tris 3x400g
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Chopped Tomato


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