Natural artichokes

Natural artichokes La Fiammante

Crunchy and tasty, natural artichokes in segments La Fiammante suitable for realize fast and appetizing recipes. Delicious natural artichokes careful washed, lighed cooked and cut in segments, with a delicate flavor and extremely versatile. Natural artichokes immediately ready, to be used in fresh salads, simply cut and dressed with an extra virgin olive oil or fastly stir-fried, as a secret ingredient for original rustic pie, pizzas and savory pastries. Natural artichokes in segments are delicious as side dishes along with potatoes for white or red meats, or the eggs and can represent a valid alternative to realize a vegetarian sauce or to dress pasta or rice for fast and tasty main courses, mostly during summer.

Natural artichokes 2,500 Kg
2,500 Kg
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Natural Artichokes 3kg


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