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Boiled chick peas

Chick peas La Fiammante

Tender and tasty, carefully selected collected at time of maturity and lightly boiled strictly in a natural way, with no added preservatives. Boiled chick peas fragrant, suitable for any cooking, immediately ready even for salads rich and greedy. Boiled chick peas are tender legumes, tasty for vegetables soups, for the classics main courses of the italian cooking (Pasta with chick peas). Boiled chick peas are suitable even for etnical mediterranean recipes and for delicious vegetarian dishes, as for the preparation of sauces and creams as staters (the hummus of chick peas) or for nice meatballs (the famous falafel).

Boiled chick peas 400g Boiled chick peas 2,500 Kg
2,500 Kg
Boiled Chick Peas